Fabric Printing

Large-format commercial reactive printing onto natural fibers that won’t fade.

Custom Wallpaper Printing

Custom prints with a variety of finishes and textures for any need.

Stretched Canvas Printing

Customised large-format photo, image, and art printed on stretched canvas.

Fine Art Printing

Premium, large-format fine art printed to paper or canvas.

Large Format Scanning

Premium, large-format scanning at up to 1.5 billion pixels.

Digital Photo Printing

High-quality, Digigraphie-certified photo prints on premium paper.

Clever with Canvas

Do you ever feel limited with the interior design choice there is nowadays? Or perhaps the choice of canvas prints available is either too generic or costly. Walking into your favourite interior design shop to find that every Tom, Dick and Harry are indulging in the same pleasure that you found in the exact same canvas print. This becomes an average feature and not something beautifully sentimental anymore.


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